Monday, June 4, 2012

All New Online Workshops - July

June workshop sold out in less than 24 hours.
(even before I was able to post it on my blog)
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Announcing my JULY online workshop 

View this short video or read about my new online workshop... 

Advantages to my online classes: 
#1: The flexible format. You can watch the lessons anytime, anywhere, you can pause them if you get interrupted and my favorite feature - you can review them as many times as you'd like. Your permissions to view the lessons will never expire even after your workshop is complete. 

#2: Personalized Mentoring. You will have full access to me during your 4 week class. You are welcome to contact me ?'s. If you're stuck on a concept I'll work one on one with you until you feel completely comfortable. Each week I will host a 1 hour live review class. I will review your assignments, answer any ?'s you have, share with you additional learning tools and insights. If you have a time conflict, no trouble, go ahead and send me your ?'s and I'll address them during the session. The review class will be recorded for your viewing pleasure. You are welcome to watch it anytime and if you grow fond of my voice you can watch it multiple times. In addition, You will find you learn just as much from others work as you do your own. 

Assignment Review Class Schedule: 
Saturday, July 14th 9-10am MST* 
 Saturday, July 21st 9-10am MST* 
 Saturday, July 28th 9-10am MST* 
Saturday, August 4th 9-10am MST* 

 #3: Assignments to practice your new skills. You will receive corresponding weekly assignments. They range from very simple to a little more challenging and will typically take you 1-2 hours to complete. 

 Learn 5 Main Topics: 
 #1: Equipment recommendations and reviews. Your lessons will begin with equipment reviews and recommendation. I will provide you will information on lens, reflectors, cleaning supplies, editing programs and many other goodies. You will have access to this info at least 2 weeks prior to you first official lesson, giving you time to purchase equipment. 

 #2: Strategies to photographing your own family. Photographing your own family is a whole different ball of yarn compared to photographing someone else's family. I'll give specific tools that will help. 

 #3: How to go from auto to manual mode on your camera. This is truly the difference between point and hope and point and create. 

 #4: Next I will cover the rules of lighting. I will teach you how I learned to look at light. Lighting is more about training your eye to recognize shadows. I'll teach you my 3 go to lighting set ups and the tricks to make each of these set ups flawless. 

 #5: Perfect posing. I'll Teach you my 10 top poses for newborns, kids, family and portraits, and the tricks and games I play with children. I don't go into a shoot hoping kids will smile and be cute for me. I go in with a plan of how I will create those images, and I am completely confident I can with my poses, tricks and games. Let's not forget, I'll share my favorite "take off 20 pounds" poses. After 4 weeks you will have everything you need to capture stunning images. 

The Class Includes: 
 #1: 60 page printed workbook. It includes many photo examples. Along with quizzes, insights and tips to remember certain concepts. This will be an awesome reference for you in the future. 

 #2: Discounts. Your registration also includes a one time 25% discount on all my digital tools, including my popular action set, college collections and soft and sharp actions. And that's not all you will also receive a 20% discount on my 4 week online photoshop class. 

 If you're a busy as a bee woman who is looking to improve your photography skill and are searching for an experience that will both flexible and personalized, you have found it!! I hope you will join me very soon!!  

The workshop is $250 

You are more than welcome to email me with any ?'s... 

 ***Remember to act fast. I am only taking 7 students in this class and the June workshop sold out in less than 24 hours.

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