Friday, February 11, 2011

White Balance

There are 2 common ways you can adjust White Balance in your camera when you take your image and in Photoshop when you edit your image.  I typically set my camera to an auto White Balance.  I use the Nikon D700 & the auto White Balance is awesome, but not always perfect.  Therefore, I clean up the White Balance in Photoshop.  This trick can be performed in both Photoshop Elements & CS.
Step #1 - Open the "Levels" palette.  (short cut is command/control L)

Step #2:  Click the White Balance Dropper.  The white arrow is pointing to the White Balance dropper and the black arrow is pointing to the Black Balance dropper.  I typically use the white first and the black second.

Step #3 - Click on the image on the color you would like to set as the White Balance.  I clicked on her white tank top.  Then do the same with the Black Balance (I don't Black Balance every image, just ones that need it.)

Here are a few more examples..

This is just one of the tricks you'll learn during my Photo By You Workshop.  I also offer 1 on 1 Photoshop lessons.  I used my Photo By Emilie Color Action for the final edits. 

Happy clicking!!