Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Using a Reflector as Fill Light

One of my favorite topics during my workshop is lighting. I teach you how I look at light, how I determine where I will place my subject according to my available light. Then how I enhance my available light to get warm gorgeous soft light on my subject.

One trick to creating a great photo with warm light is knowing how to use Fill Light to eliminate shadow and illuminate eyes. In this photo I used the white side of the reflector. I placed the reflector at his waist and pointed it up into his face, this eliminated the shadow cased by his cap.

In this next photo I used the reflector to add drama and glow. I had my assistant stand about 10 feet back from the model. Using the gold side to catching a patch of sun and reflect it back onto the model. This achieved a more high fashion look and feel.


One of my favorite photography tools is my reflector.
I use the 32" Soft Gold/White.

Learning to master light is one of the most challenging aspects of photography. Additional tools like this reflector, external flashes and speed lights add an level of drama to your images that you just can't achieve without them.  As you continue to master light with these tools you will begin to see your images pop and sparkle!!

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