Monday, March 26, 2012

20 Spring Photo Ideas

Spring is such a fun time for photos.  Here are a few ideas...

1  Kids hanging from a tree covered in blossoms.
2  Kids playing outside for the first time in short sleeves
3  Tulips with a dust of spring snow
4  Easter outfits (set the timer so you can be in this one)
5  Kids wearing dollar store bunny ears
6  Easter decorations (especially the sentimental ones)
7  Easter Egg Hunt 
8  Kids in there new Spring shoes
9  Kids smelling Spring flowers
10  Kids picking dadelions 
11  Picture of anything robin's egg blue
12  Kids with their best colored Easter egg
13  Bare toes in green grass
14  Picture of your April Fools joke
15  You and each of your children for Mother's Day
16  Kids with umbrellas in Spring rain
17  St. Patrick's Day green outfits
18  Your first Spring picnic
19  Any kind of Newborn animal
20  Before & After of you spring cleaning projects

Happy Snapping!!

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